Monday, April 5, 2010

Dossier Headed to Rwanda!

We called the Embassy around 9:15 this morning and found out that they were open today. My dad was here about 10am and drove me to DC. I quickly looked through the dossier at the embassy and saw a stamp on the first page of each item and left. In the car I looked through in detail and realized they had stamped and initialed every page. I did find a few pages that were initialed but were missing stamps. I didn't realize it would be a problem. I then checked my email on my blackberry and saw a message from Tina (Mugisha Ministries) reminding me to make sure they stamped every page - what perfect timing! We were only 5 minutes away, so I went right back and got the missing stamps. I had debated if it was worth driving down or just waiting an extra day or two to have it mailed back to us. Now I'm so glad I went down and was able to get the issue fixed immediately. We got home in time to make the extra copies of the dossier and deliver it to Fedex to go out in today's mail! It will arrive in Rwanda on Thursday - this week!!! One big surprise was the shipping cost - $407!!! I wish I could have seen the look on my face when they told me the price. I was so shocked. I had no idea what international shipping rates were. I was foolishly expecting around $50. The second I got home I checked other carriers, wondering if I had made a huge mistake by using Fedex. I got online quotes from DHL and UPS for around $280 and the delivery time was longer (April 12 rather than April 8). Fedex had a cheaper rate of around $350 for delivery on the 12th. I did also have them package the dossier, so was probably a portion of the price difference. Anyway, I later found out that one major adoption agency sends all of their dossiers Fedex too, so I'm feeling okay and am so thrilled to have it finally on its way. It is so strange how you work so hard and invest all this time and money into compiling the dossier, only to be thrilled to be rid of it. I can't wait to know it is at the Ministry, that we "exist" in the waiting game. It is hard when you are putting so much effort into the dossier and yet have this strange sense of almost helplessness that the people in Rwanda don't even know a thing about you, have no idea that you are longing for your child. So, for a few days I'll be enjoying the sense of relief that I've done what I can do to move things along. I know myself enough to know that the waiting will be painful, but I plan to keep busy with projects. I'm starting to revise my original expectation that we'd get to travel this year. I'm still hoping for December, but am starting to think it will more likely be early next year.


  1. Congrats! We aren't too far behind you...just waiting on our I171-H. I am shocked at the shipping cost! I'm glad you posted that, so maybe they won't have to pick my jaw up off the floor at Fed-ex when it's our turn. Praying your dossier arrives safely!

  2. Congratulations!! What a major accomplishment - you've officially completed an incredibly confusing, overwhelming process and it's got the Rwandan's seal of approval! I pray it won't take long to get MIGEPROF's seal of approval.