Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dossier at the Embassy!

What a wild 24 hours! Yesterday at 9:30am, I was in tears because there were more paperwork problems and it felt like we'd never get the dossier complete. Today at 9:30am, we were walking out of the Embassy of Rwanda after having delivered our complete dossier!!! I'll include the details that might be helpful for anyone delivering your own dossier. The authentications office opens at 7:30am. We arrived around 6:30am, which let us get into the city withalmost no traffic. There is a parking garage right under the authentications office building. We found a nice coffee shop in the same building, Casey's Coffee, while we waited for it to open. Around 7:15am there were already several couriers waiting inside the authentications office, so I guess they unlock the doors early. You get a number from a machine just inside the door. Then fill out a form at the desk area part way back in the room. At 7:30 they started calling numbers. You just give them the documents and sit back down. When they are done they call you back up and you pay. We had more than 15 documents, so I took 15 and Ron acted like a separate customer and took the other 4. Even though different people waited on us, when they brought the last 4 documents out to Ron, they told him we could have done everything together. He explained that we thought each customer could only do 15 per day, and they said they will make exceptions. We were out of there by 8am. We walked to the Embassy, about 1.3 miles and a very direct route. There seemed to be street parking near the Embassy, so you could drive there to save having to walk all the way back. We had a bunch of money orders to fill out, so we had a chance to talk with the man at the Embassy for a few minutes. He was very nice. At the end, we asked if it would be possible to pick it up later today. He explained that they couldn't do it that fast and pointed to other dossiers waiting to be finished, maybe 2 or 3 of them. He thought it might be done by the end of this week and said he would call us when it is finished. We were only there for about 10 minutes, maybe less. There was no form or anything. If you have your money order filled out, you basically just walk in, hand it to them and leave. So, now we wait...


  1. Woo Hoo! How exciting to be done with that step!

  2. So glad you are moving along!

  3. Congratulations on making it through that wacky, confusing, expensive process!! Thanks for posting the details for those of us still learning. :)